"I would say that I’m on the rise" - Khachanov on consistent 2022 season

"I would say that I’m on the rise" - Khachanov on consistent 2022 season

by Sebastian Dahlman

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In 2018, Karen Khachanov had the best season of his career and one in which he collected three out of his four ATP titles.

The Russian managed to win events in Marseille, Moscow and also the Paris Masters and in 2019, he entered the Top 10 of the ATP Rankings for the first time as he reached his career-high 8th place. However, since then, he wasn't able to produce the same level, but 2022 was positive season for him.

Khachanov managed to win 36 matches, most since his sensational 2018 season, and reached semifinals at the US Open. Thanks to that, he equalled his third-best season finish from 2020 as he occupies 20th spot in the ATP Rankings. Speaking about his season, he said:

“I would say that I’m on the rise," he said on the latest episode of the ATP Tennis Radio podcast. "I was playing more and more consistently in the second part of the year, and I had the big run at the US Open. It feels great that all of the hard work is starting to pay off and I’m playing better and better tennis.”

"To be honest, I always believe in myself. One thing is to believe; another thing is to do it. And that's why there's a definition between those two things. We can talk about confidence, and we can talk about belief, but then once you're past those stages, you might be believing in yourself, but something may be missing."

"It was tough to swallow after some not good results, after some defeats," Khachanov said. "But you always have to stay with your feet on the ground, you have to stay realistic. That's why I have my team, who guide me. You have to be humble, you have to know what you did good, what you have to do to be better and keep going in that direction."


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