"I knew it was going to be bad" Venus Williams reveals hamstring injury

"I knew it was going to be bad" Venus Williams reveals hamstring injury

by Sebastian Dahlman

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Venus Williams traveled to Australia in hopes of playing at the first major event of the season but an injury in the lead-up to the event prevented her from doing it.

The hamstring was the culprit but unlike Djokovic, Venus Williams wasn't able to keep playing and remain down under. She has now revealed the extent of the injury and she knew it was pretty bad from the moment it happened.

In the third set, I managed to hurt my leg. I'm running, I'm running, I'm running and then I feel this pop, and I'm like 'Oh no'. I didn't have enough time to think whether or not it was a good thing or bad thing but maybe I thought it was bad, and I guess my coach and physio were telling me, 'Call the trainer'

Venus Williams on getting injured

Williams also provided further commentary on the injury claiming that you only have two options. You either keep playing like Djokovic or you don't. She opted to continue as she didn't until the match ended but was unable to keep playing in Australia.

I did not call the trainer. I think I just panicked and threw up on myself the rest of the match, like, I just had shots that I could hit winners. I, unfortunately, walked off the court not a winner of that match and you know, about a seven or eight-hour encounter which really were the craziest circumstances I played in in my long, long, long, long career.



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