'I Do Believe In The Truth': Zverev Confident Of Winning Trial On Domestic Abuse Case

'I Do Believe In The Truth': Zverev Confident Of Winning Trial On Domestic Abuse Case

by Nurein Ahmed

Alexander Zverev has shed light on his upcoming trial on domestic assault allegations, which is scheduled at the end of May.

Zverev stated that he wouldn't attend but reiterated his innocence again and rejected the allegations. The German tennis star was accused by his ex-girlfriend and mother of their child, Brenda Patea, of physical assault.

Last October, a Berlin court issued a penalty order on Zverev for causing bodily harm to Patea in addition to a monstrous fine of 450,000€. He termed it as "complete bulls**t" and, through his lawyers, lodged an objection.

Zverev now faces a trial scheduled for May 31st, on day he could be playing at the French Open. He used his pre-tournament press conference to respond to a question on the topic and is fully confident of the outcome of his case.

"Not at all. At the end of the day, I do believe in the German system. I do believe in the truth. I have to be certain that, you know, I know what I did, I know what I didn't do. That's, at the end of the day, what's going to come out, and I have to trust in that."

Furthermore, Zverev strongly believes the charges against him have not impacted his mindset or game. He asserted that there is zero chance he will lose the case.

The 27-year-old also said his recent results show he is in the right headspace. This past week, he won the Italian Open for the second time in his career and rose to World No. 4 in the new rankings.

"Everything else is out of my hands. Not out of my hands, but I do believe that l'm not going to lose this procedure. There's absolutely no chance I am. That's why I can play calmly, and I think my results have been showing it. Winning Rome is a big title, as well, and obviously being here. And if it would be on my mind I wouldn't be playing the way l am."

Zverev will play 14-time champion Rafael Nadal in a blockbuster first-round match at this year's Roland Garros. It is the pair's first meeting since facing off in the 2022 semifinals of the same tournament, which ended in a retirement win for the Spaniard.


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