Zverev 'Should Have Won' Against Nadal In 2022 'And He Will Also Win Now' Says His Brother

Zverev 'Should Have Won' Against Nadal In 2022 'And He Will Also Win Now' Says His Brother

by Zachary Wimer

Former ATP player and Alexander Zverev's brother, Mischa Zverev, believes that his brother should have won the unlucky 2022 clash with Rafael Nadal and predicts that he will win this one in 2024.

Two years ago, Alexander Zverev played against the Spanish player in the Roland Garros semi-final. The first set was brutal, lasting 93 minutes, and the German couldn't take all sorts of chances.

He was up 3-1 early, but Nadal was able to force a tie-break. In the tiebreak, Zverev was up 6-2, but the Spaniard battled back in a crazy way to win it 10-8.

The second set was equally brutal because it lasted over 90 minutes as well, and Zverev once again couldn't use all sorts of chances. The match was over three hours long, and the second set didn't even finish when Zverev slipped and injured his ankle.

It was a crazy match, one that his brother Mischa thinks Sascha would have won if he hadn't gotten injured. He also thinks that his brother will win this one and hopes he does it quickly in three sets.

"Everyone asks me: Mischa, what do you think? Sascha could and should have won it then. And this time he will also win it, because Rafa has become a little slower and his physical condition is no longer the same."

"The blows may remain the same, but the big question is whether he will be able to do them by playing five sets. I think that, in the end, the winner will be Zverev and I hope he finishes in three sets."

Zverev is hugely favored this time around because he's actually been playing better, and we know he's fully healthy. Nadal hasn't been playing that well, and we don't really know if he's fully healthy, so winning this match will be very hard.


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