"GOAT wins don't come easy" - Tiafoe on McDonald beating Nadal

"GOAT wins don't come easy" - Tiafoe on McDonald beating Nadal

by Balasz Virag

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Mackenzie McDonald defeated Rafael Nadal at the Australian Open and he joined good friends, Paul, Fritz and Tiafoe that did it before him.

McDonald acknowledged speaking with all three players to get their opinions on how to approach the game after the victory. They all urged him to have confidence in himself, and he did. McDonald was able to defeat Nadal by exerting extreme pressure on him and attacking him before he could do the same.

I told Mackie, ‘Listen, you could join the three amigos: me, Fritz, and Tommy. We all got him. I don't know if you want to join it’. Also, I told him, ‘You're going to be in a position to win today. You can win today.’ Sort of seeing how he feels, I'm happy for Mackie. GOAT wins don't come easy. Something to tell his grandkids one day, and you have to be happy for that guy.

Tiafoe on encouraging McDonald

Nadal was injured in the match but even before he injured himself, McDonald controlled the match. He spoke with family and received congratulatory messages from the three 'Amigos'.


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