Djokovic & Tsitsipas Handed Brutal Draw For Their Davis Cup Teams

Djokovic & Tsitsipas Handed Brutal Draw For Their Davis Cup Teams

by Zachary Wimer

After the conclusion of the 2024 Davis Cup Qualifiers, the draw was made for the teams that didn't advance to the Finals and those that won their lower-tier ties.

Davis Cup operates in different divisions in which countries are placed. There is the top division, where countries fight to qualify for the Finals, where the winner of the overall competition is decided.

After losing in the Qualifiers, the countries have to once again fight for their spot to remain in the Qualifiers also for the following season, and surprisingly, Serbia is among them.

Slovakia recently beat them, mostly because Novak Djokovic didn't play, and they surprisingly couldn't do much damage without him. They will now have to play against a country from the lower tier of competition that wants to replace Serbia among the top nations.

By the luck of the draw, which was held in London recently, Greece will have a chance to beat Serbia and secure their spot among the top nations. They won their most recent tie and will get a chance to go to the top level now.

That means we could see Novak Djokovic play against Stefanos Tsitsipas in that tie, resulting in a brutal draw for both nations. It's actually very likely that both will play because Djokovic won't like his country dropping down while he's an active player.

That's because they would lose a chance to compete for the trophy until they return to the top flight. For Tsitsipas, it's quite a unique chance to get to the Qualifiers, which may not happen too often.

It would be great for Greece if Djokovic missed the matchup, and vice versa, for Serbia if Tsitsipas was not present. But for tennis fans, the best possible scenario is having both of them competing for the spot among the best.

Either way, this is a pretty brutal matchup for both countries, especially if they come with their best teams. Both Djokovic and Tsitsipas would have to play some heroic tennis to save the day.

The ties will be played in September after the US Open.


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