'Being Authentic Is Being Judged & Criticized': Djokovic Reflects On 23rd Grand Slam

'Being Authentic Is Being Judged & Criticized': Djokovic Reflects On 23rd Grand Slam

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic is different than other players and maybe also because of that he's the only man with 23 Grand Slam titles.

His latest triumph came at the 'strange' 2023 Roland Garros which was played without the 14-time champion Rafael Nadal. But even without his biggest rival, Djokovic was able to produce an extraordinary level and lift the title.

Shortly after his triumph, the Serb travelled to Portugal where he enjoyed a quick vacation, and once he managed to soak the success in, the newly crowned 23-time Grand Slam champion reflected on the triumph on his Instagram account.

"Reflecting on magical #23 Grand Slam tittle 7 days ago at Roland Garros. I had most wonderful time with my team and family. It was a hard fought battle during several weeks but victory is sweeter when you know you left everything possible on the court."

Djokovic wanted to show his gratitude toward people that helped him along the way. His team, family, friends, but also fans were important in paving his own way to the 23rd Grand Slam title and the 36-year-old knows it.

"I am grateful for all the support foremost from #nolefam You are the best fans one can wish for. Thank you for standing by me when not many would. Know that I truly appreciate it. I also thank my family, team, friends, everyone who helped and contributed to the creating of more history in tennis."

His message underlined the truth of competitive sport: while a player may be physically alone on the court, the journey to victory is never solitary. Behind every powerful serve, every swift rally, stands a supportive team, friends, and family, their patience, tolerance, and love forming the backbone of his thriving career.

"I am alone on the court but never alone in the journey. I deeply value and acknowledge the importance of closest people in my life and their massive tolerance, patience and love during all these years of professional career."

Perhaps the most poignant part of Djokovic's reflection centered around his origin, his humble beginnings in Serbia. The path from there to the renowned clay courts of Roland Garros was paved with adversity, yet he credits these challenges for making him the stronger, more determined athlete he is today.

"I am super blessed to be where I am and often times I try to remind myself of the journey. Starting in Serbia which is always my home and where my heart is. Facing adversity in pretty much every phase of my life has only made me stronger."

Novak Djokovic's journey is also an inspirational narrative of persistence and authenticity in the face of adversity and judgment. It underscores the unwavering spirit of a champion who transcends physical prowess, becoming a symbol of resilience, authenticity, and unwavering dedication to a craft.

"Being authentic, open, honest, generous, brave nowadays is a precious commodity that is being judged and criticized on every step. Nevertheless, it is with these values that I continue paving the way for new generations. And I continue the journey that has given me so much. God is great."


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