Alcaraz unbothered by losing the no. 1 to Djokovic or Tsitsipas

Alcaraz unbothered by losing the no. 1 to Djokovic or Tsitsipas

by Balasz Virag

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Carlos Alcaraz will lose his number one rank soon but the Spaniard is not worried about it saying that whoever sits at No. 1 deserves it more than him.

Due to an injury that occurred before the Australian Open, Alcaraz was unable to participate in the tournament. As a result, he will lose some of the points he earned last year while other players gain ground on him, which will cause him to drop out of the top spot. He doesn't find it bothersome.

I'm watching what Djokovic and Tsitsipas do, but it doesn't worry me. To take the number 1 number from me there, either of them has to be champion and if it happens it will be because the one who achieves it will deserve it more than me.

Alcaraz on losing no. 1 ranking

Despite not being able to play, Alcaraz is watching and following the Australian Open as a tennis fan. It's something that he's always done. When it comes to tennis, Alcaraz plans to come back on clay next month and he's using this time to reflect and improve.

I am watching the Australian Open from home and it is hard because I think that I am the one who could be there, but I am a positive person and I think that this break is good for me to realize some things that I could do better on the court and out of it.

On time away from tennis



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