WATCH: Venus Williams Gives Opponent Death Stare After She Celebrates During Her Fall

WATCH: Venus Williams Gives Opponent Death Stare After She Celebrates During Her Fall

Camila Giorgi has had some career lowlights but the match against Venus Williams saw another one from the Italian.

Camila Giorgi is a really good player yet there is always some controversy following her around. From some questionable on-court behaviour to her 'very involved' father whom other players famously described as scary to the Covid passports fiasco. There has been a lot of them but the Italian did something when playing a legend that enraged a lot of fans.

It was a match between Venus Williams and Camila Giorgi on the grass at the 2023 Birmingham Classic. The 43-year-old American legend was going for her first win on grass since 2021 after narrowly missing out on that last week in 's-Hertogenbosch.

The start was a good one as Williams took an early lead only to call a timeout due to knee issues a few games into the match. She continued and not long after that suffered a nasty fall that looked quite bad. Luckily nothing serious happened with Williams and she continued playing the match and ultimately winning.

On the other side of the net, however, fans saw a player that didn't seem interested in the fall of her opponent. Most of the time, when a player tumbles the opponent shows some dose of concern. Whether it's fake or genuine doesn't really matter, it's mostly out of sportsmanship but Giorgi didn't look very bothered by the fall.

She even celebrated winning the point once the ball landed in the court and then continued with her between-the-points routine. It enraged many fans who quickly pointed out the move. It enraged former player Rennae Stubbs who used to coach Venus' sister Serena as she posted a video of Venus giving Giorgi the 'death stare' before the next point.

Camilla Giorgi just yelled Si when @Venuseswilliams just fell over and screamed! I mean wtf !!! I honestly think that could be the lowest moment of her career!!!! And you NEVER want to see this face coming at you now! Come on Vee!


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