'They Still Want Me To Do College Classes': Gauff Opens Up On Her Parents Wishes

'They Still Want Me To Do College Classes': Gauff Opens Up On Her Parents Wishes

by Nurein Ahmed

WTA star Coco Gauff has yet to answer to her parents who want her to take up college education while simultaneously continuing to tear it up in tennis.

Gauff comes from a sporting family. Her father Corey, was a basketball player at Georgia State University, while her mother Candi was a track and field athlete who represented Florida State University.

Young Coco speaks fondly of her parents and the integral role they played in nurturing her to become a global superstar in tennis. But even in the midst of Gauff's magical rise, her parents have always stressed the importance of education.

Gauff's mother currently works as an instructor at Atlanta High School, while her father previously worked as a healthcare executive. They pitched the idea to Gauff, who has postponed it for years now as she continues her ascent in tennis.

"Yeah, definitely. I think my parents always, they still want me to, like, do college classes. I've been pushing it off, so I don't know what that's going to entail (laughter). Hopefully, they don't see this. Next year, next year. It's been a year (smiling)."

While juggling time between the Tour and studies can be problematic for tennis players who spend all year traveling all over the world and dedicate most of their entire time to practicing or playing matches, it is certainly doable.

One of Gauff's fellow WTA players Marie Bouzkova graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Indiana University East in 2022. Gauff says her parents have reiterated the importance of higher education, and while she intends to do it at some point in her life, it's a headscratcher to even contemplate it right now.

"No, I think for me, they always express the importance of knowledge. I think in this world today, you can learn so much even not pursuing a higher education. I still 100% support people going to higher education. I still want to do it for myself. I'm just not in the mentality to take that on yet."


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