Naomi Osaka confirms plans of tennis comeback following pregnancy

Naomi Osaka confirms plans of tennis comeback following pregnancy

by Balasz Virag

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Naomi Osaka has been out of the spotlight since announcing her pregnancy but she confirmed a comeback to tennis after it.

Very little has been said about Naomi Osaka in the past year because she's simply not been present in the tennis world. A few events here and there didn't excite too many tennis fans because her commitment to the sport looked very questionable for a very long time. Then she announced her pregnancy on social media creating a lot of talk in the media sphere.

Many wondered what it meant for her tennis career as Osaka looked 'out of it' even before it and this certainly complicated things even further. She touched upon that briefly during the announcement of her pregnancy.

Can't wait to be back on the court.

Osaka on Tennis in pregnancy announcement

Fans were sceptical about it but she doubled down on that plan in a recent interview with WBS in Japan explaining that she not only wants to return to tennis but also win a couple of more grand slams in the future. Osaka seemed convinced of her words but her tennis was rather unconvincing in the months leading up to her pregnancy.

I definitely plan to come back... it's kind of like a break a little bit, but also I feel very competitive still.

Osaka on tennis return

It's unclear when Osaka will return to tennis but it's highly unlikely that it happens anytime this year. The more realistic prediction would be next year but it remains unclear if she'd be ready in time for the Australian Open. It's been a good event for her and it would not be a bad launching pad to her past-pregnancy tennis career.

For now Osaka is focused on other things but tennis is apparently still on her mind. Time will tell how true those words are.


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