"It's always really heartwarming" - Naomi Osaka launches children's meditation series

"It's always really heartwarming" - Naomi Osaka launches children's meditation series

by Alex Waite

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Naomi Osaka has released a series of children-centered meditations so different age groups can learn more about mental health awareness.

Osaka worked with Modern Health, a mental health awareness organisation, to create the guides so children can focus on their wellness and psychological wellbeing.

Recently, Osaka has spoken openly about her own mental health. Following the launch of the new resources, Osaka explained to People how meditation has supported her through tough times and how these latest guides can help the next generation.

"As I've gotten older, I have really relied more on meditation to help manage my feelings. I wish that I had utilized it more as a kid which is why I'm so excited to have children's meditations available now kids of all ages."

Osaka said to People 

In addition, the four-time Grand Slam winner feels mental health resources are important tools for children to access, something which Osaka didn't have when growing up.

"I love that I am able to help create resources for kids that weren't available or common when I was a kid. I hope that kids are able to learn how to manage their feelings and emotions at an early age so that they can continue to use these tools later in life."

Supporting others is also important to Osaka after she has helped others by speaking out publicly on mental health.

"It's always really heartwarming when people tell me that I have helped them with their own struggles. I remember being in a grocery store one time and someone stopped me to tell me how much I meant to them as they were dealing with their own mental health struggles. At the time, I was doing it for myself but I realized that my decision to help myself was also helping many others."

Despite being the highest-paid female player in the 2022 season, Osaka has not featured in 2023 after she announced her pregnancy.


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