Gauff's Father Lauded For Being 'Rare' After History Of Fathers 'Psychopaths' In Tennis

Gauff's Father Lauded For Being 'Rare' After History Of Fathers 'Psychopaths' In Tennis

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff's father, Corey Gauff, plays an important role in her career, and Andy Roddick is happy to see him as a "rare" example.

Former player Andy Roddick sailed into podcasting waters recently with the inaugural episode of his 'Served with Andy Roddick' podcast, in which he also talked about the teenage American.

The former player has been working as a part-time tennis analyst occasionally but has seemingly pivoted more towards that recently. He's been writing a semi-frequent column for a while and has now created his own podcast where he'll bring more insight into tennis.

Having a pretty strong career in rear-window windows certainly makes him a good candidate for that. In his first episode, Roddick talked about Gauff and lauded her father for not being the overbearing type of parent that is so predominant in tennis.

"Also, it’s been spoken about a little bit but it needs to be spoken about more. Especially in our sport where there has been a negative history of fathers of women tennis players being psychopaths and being irresponsible to the total human. Not the tennis but the total human."

The American talked nicely about his compatriot, praising his ability to not make himself the center of attention, which can be rare. Roddick knows the tennis scene well, and he's seen it more than enough to call this pattern 'rare'.

"Corey Gauff was here also and his ability to not be the center of attention, doesn’t need the information to come from him, that is rare and it sounds like something that should be very obvious and it’s not. In the history of our sport it is not."

"There are a lot of cautionary tales and I won’t name them out of respect for the people who are on the bad side of those cautionary tales but it has been rampant in our sport."

We'll see what happens in the future, but so far, her father took a step back and let her career unfold, and it's worked like a charm.


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