Taylor Fritz Withdraws From USA's Davis Cup Tie Because Of Injury

Taylor Fritz Withdraws From USA's Davis Cup Tie Because Of Injury

by Zachary Wimer

Taylor Fritz won't be playing for the United States in the 2024 Davis Cup Qualifiers due to an injury that forced him to withdraw on the day of his match.

Fritz was supposed to play a second match of a tie on February 1st, 2024, but the American won't participate. He was scheduled to play for the United States against Ukraine in the Davis Cup, but he had to cancel those plans due to an injury, which won't allow him to play.

The Davis Cup qualifiers are being played this weekend, and the United States team is visiting Ukraine in Lithuania, where the tie is played. They assembled a pretty strong squad overall, with the likes of Sebastian Korda, Taylor Fritz, Christopher Eubanks, and others signing up to play.

Fritz and Korda were supposed to play on the first day, with the latter taking the first match, while Fritz was supposed to play the second match against Viacheslav Bielinskyi.

Unfortunately for Fritz, he won't be able to play in the Davis Cup, which is a shame because he generally loves to play for his country and rarely misses a chance to do so.

The United States Tennis Federation announced the news, confirming that an issue that Fritz is struggling with is a right hip injury, and also that Christopher Eubanks would replace Firtz in the match, and that's very significant for the American.

He broke out in a major way last year with some impressive shows over the summer, and now he gets a chance to play for his country. This will be Eubanks' official debut in the USA colors, and the hope is that he'll win the match, which would be a great memory.

As for Fritz, he will be hoping that his injury is not serious, and he'll be back to playing soon. There is a very good chance that we won't see him until Indian Wells.


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