'Being Calm Is Not Always Good': Rybakina Aims To Channel Fiery Personality On Court

'Being Calm Is Not Always Good': Rybakina Aims To Channel Fiery Personality On Court

by Zachary Wimer

Elena Rybakina is a pretty calm tennis player, but it's not always good, according to the Kazakhstani player who shared her thoughts recently.

Rybakina is known as a cold player, meaning she doesn't show much emotion while playing. Even when she won Wimbledon two years ago, Rybakina didn't really show much emotion. She's generally known as a pretty calm person, but there are levels to it.

We haven't seen players this cold in a while, certainly not among the young generation. She talked a bit about that during her recent appearance on the Mind Set Win podcast by Red Bull. Being calm is an effort for her, but according to Rybakina, it's not always good.

"I'm trying to, no matter of the situation, to be calm and try to not show if I'm upset or if I'm angry. I think this is something that worked especially well in the beginning when no one knows you and you're coming calm on the court and then you're playing really well. I think now it also helps me and also maybe confuses opponents sometimes."

The 24-year-old confirmed herself that she's quite a shy person generally which might play a part in the way she acts on the court. She definitely understands, from talks with her coach, who she defended from public criticism, that not showing emotion is not always good, and she's trying to change that.

"Honestly, I have no idea where my no emotional face came from. Maybe it's my kind of reaction to the stress and. I'm actually a shy person. We speak a lot with my coach that maybe being calm is not always good on the court."

"Sometimes you need to show the emotions to show the opponent that I'm still there and I'm still fighting. This is something that we are trying to work on and this is something I need to improve."


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