'He's Just My Dad': Gauff Reveals Father 'Not Helping' With Coaching Anymore

'He's Just My Dad': Gauff Reveals Father 'Not Helping' With Coaching Anymore

by Alfredo Bassanelli

Coco Gauff has made some coaching changes in the past few weeks, including her dad leaving the coaching team.

For much of her career, Coco Gauff was primarily coached by her father, Corey Gauff who was inspired by Richard Williams. Like Williams, Gauff had no experience with tennis but managed to coach his daughter to a fairly strong level.

Over the years, Gauff worked with other coaches but her father never really left her team, until now. According to the teenager, who spoke at the 2023 Citi Open in Washington, her father isn't part of her coaching team anymore as she's working with Pere Riba as her primary coach, and as of this week, Brad Gilbert has a consultant role.

When Gauff announced that she was hiring Pere Riba before Wimbledon, she explained that her father isn't travelling with her anymore but still does his scouting. She confirmed that he still does it from time to time, but it's nowhere near the previous level.

My dad isn't -- he's just my dad. He sometimes sends scouting reports, just a little bit, but yeah, he's not doing anything with the tennis. He may shout something, because that's just parents. But, yeah, he's not helping me with the tennis pretty much at all at this point.

Gauff further expanded that her father hasn't really coached her in his previous capacity for years. He has been mostly her dad, sitting and watching her matches while adding a few pieces of parental advice here and there.

A lot of people think my dad has been coaching me for the last three years, but honestly, ever since I started with Liam, which was a couple years ago, and then I went with Diego, my dad hasn't really been a coach. He's just been my dad. He does sit in the box front and center, so people really think that, but no, that's not true.


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