Gauff Explains Why She Added Another Coach Amid Dad 'Struggle'

Gauff Explains Why She Added Another Coach Amid Dad 'Struggle'

by Balasz Virag

Coco Gauff has worked with her father Corey Gauff for much of her career but she's also had other coaches with the most recent one being Pere Riba.

The former Spanish player was once a Top 100 ranked player but never really achieved anything spectacular in his career. He pivoted to coaching following his early retirement and he's been really good at the job, so good that Gauff elected to try him out.

The American announced that she's going to work with Riba for the grass season much like she worked with Patrick Mouratoglou during the clay season. Being an attendee of his Academy allowed Gauff to enlist the help of the experienced coach though his commitment to Rune and contract with Simona Halep prevent him to assume full coaching duties. He continues to serve as a mentor for Gauff.

After an early exit in Berlin, Gauff is producing her best tennis in weeks at the 2023 Eastbourne International. She was asked to clarify her coaching situation explaining that her father still helps her out although not as much with the tennis side. After all, he never played tennis himself finding inspiration in the methods of Richard Williams.

Yeah, I think Pere right now -- my dad isn't here. I think really the only thing, my dad is very good with numbers and stats and breaking down reports, so I do ask him, he doesn't really do anything on the tennis side anymore. You know, he will maybe give me advice, but he gives me scouting reports.

Gauff explains her dad's role in the new setup

Another reason why Gauff elected to have a dedicated coach is that her father at times should be her father. Sometimes the water gets muddled too much and it's nice just to fall back on her dad being the dad. Not her coach but simply her dad. Her struggle with that part signalled to her the need for him to spend more time at home with her younger brothers.

And especially with my two younger brothers, I told him it's better if he spends more time at home with them. Now that I'm older, I don't think I need him as much as they do.

But I am very grateful that my dad made it a point to travel with me at every tournament, because there is a lot that people don't see, and I think he definitely protected me from a lot, now looking back at it.


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