Gauff Explains Story Behind Coordinates Inscribed On Her Shoes At Miami Open

Gauff Explains Story Behind Coordinates Inscribed On Her Shoes At Miami Open

by Nurein Ahmed

Coco Gauff has become a megastar, which is why everything she wears while on a tennis court attracts a lot of attention.

Since Gauff became one of the highest-paid athletes by the sportswear company New Balance, her tennis gear is now a valuable commodity for her fans and followers.

In 2022, the young American signed a contract extension with her clothing and footwear company, although details of Gauff's earnings have not been disclosed.

However, according to reports, it is believed to be a multi-million dollar deal. Last year, according to Forbes, Gauff was the second-highest-paid tennis player, behind Iga Swiatek, amassing $15 million from endorsements.

As part of the recent contract, Gauff was entitled to launch her own signature shoe, the Coco CG1. She is the only women's athlete to have a customized shoe by New Balance.

At this year's Australian Open, Gauff's shoes contained the message, "You can change the world with your racquet," which she explained was an inspiring quote from her father that reminds her to speak up about "certain issues."

At this year's Miami Open, the 20-year-old wore her shiny CG1 shoes, which were white and featured accents of purple, yellow, and black in specific parts of the shoe.

However, one of the most glaring features was the coordinates on her shoes (26 28 0.75” N 80 5’ 1.4” W), which were written on the sole. It is not the first time that Gauff has debuted a message using her shoes.

She took to Instagram following her third-round victory in Miami to clarify that the coordinates on her shoe reflected a public park where she grew up playing, and not a tennis club, as initially reported by some sources on social media.

"Public park with two tennis courts, not a tennis club!! just my dad and I lol if that’s what you consider a club."

Gauff wrote on her Instagram story


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