Gauff Reveals What She Has Written On Her Custom Shoes At Australian Open

Gauff Reveals What She Has Written On Her Custom Shoes At Australian Open

by Zachary Wimer

Many athletes write something on their shoes, and Coco Gauff is one of them, explaining her choices at the 2024 Australian Open.

Like many of her colleagues across many sports, the 19-year-old chose to customize her apparel. Thanks to the high-quality cameras, it's pretty easy to spot them on a player's shoes, and naturally, Gauff was asked about it after her win over Magdalena Frech.

The American was pretty upbeat about the question and shared in detail what is written on her shoes because she has multiple things written on them. It's not just one thing but several things important to her , closely related to family.

"A lot of things written. One is ‘you can change the world with your racquet.’ Something my dad told me since I was a little girl. It’s an inspiration for why I feel it’s important to speak up about certain issues. Another thing is the coordinates to the park I grew up at in Pompey Park."

"I grew up playing on public tennis courts in Delray Beach, Florida. The last thing I have is my little brother’s name on the show. I love you guys. Cameron just got MVP for his football team. So I’m really proud of you, Cam."

The shoe is kind of important for Gauff during matches because when she feels really negative, she just looks down on her shoe to remind herself of things that are more important than the game and sports.

It's quite funny because she also shared that her mother thinks she's just being negative by looking down. Up next, she will hope that her shoes will inspire her to move past Marta Kostyuk into the semifinals of the tournament.

"Sometimes when my mom thinks I’m negative when I look down, I’m just looking at my shoe. Just a reminder that life is much more than tennis. How I do on the court does not define me as a person. That goes for everyone."

"Your workplace, whatever you do, doesn’t define you as a person. Just surround yourself with good people. Everything I do on the court is a plus to my life. I have everything I need. This is just all extra."


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