Coco Gauff Reveals Why Her Dad Doesn't Sit In Her Box At US Open

Coco Gauff Reveals Why Her Dad Doesn't Sit In Her Box At US Open

by Evita Mueller

Coco Gauff is playing some amazing tennis right now and while her dad isn't in her coaching team anymore, he's in New York watching everything closely at the 2023 US Open.

Corey Gauff, Coco's father, has been part of her coaching team for years, teaching her tennis basics. He's not part of the team anymore, opting to stay more at home with the family, but he is in New York to watch his daughter play.

He could have been in the box if he wanted to, but Gauff says he gets too nervous. Moreover, as the young American revealed after her most recent win over Caroline Wozniacki, he enjoyed a few strolls around the stadium during her matches to calm his nerves. It's understandable because Gauff's most recent match against the Danish player was quite a ride.

The one thing that’s different is my dad isn’t in the box anymore ‘cause he gets too nervous. So he’s somewhere in one of the suites and he’s been apparently doing laps around the stadium I heard during the matches.

So I don’t know if he can hear me right now but you know I felt his energy, his good energy even though I can’t really see him.

Earlier in her career Gauff said that it's her mother who usually gets very nervous during her matches but it seems like that energy is now back to her dad. He was also captured celebrating after the teenager won the last point, despite her having no idea where he is.

In the quarterfinals of the tournament, Gauff will take on Latvia's Jelena Ostapenko, and her dad will be surely watching once again. This time, his daughter will be fighting for her best-ever result at the US Open, which she will then hope to even further improve.


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