'Shouldn't Be Allowed': Enraged Djokovic Fans Call For Different Interviewer At US Open

'Shouldn't Be Allowed': Enraged Djokovic Fans Call For Different Interviewer At US Open

by Nurein Ahmed

Novak Djokovic fans are calling for TV presenter Rennae Stubbs to step down from handling on-court interviews with the Serbian player 2023 US Open.

It's no secret that Djokovic's fanbase loathes Stubbs, who has in the past been highly critical and judgemental towards Djokovic. The former Australian tennis player also made headlines for the wrong reasons, when she made outrageous comments toward Serbians in the aftermath of Djokovic's record 10th Australian Open win in January.

Stubbs handled Djokovic's on-court interview for the second time at this US Open. A penny for Djokovic's thoughts would indicate he had forgiven the 52-year-old for her past mishaps, but Djokovic's fans on social media slammed the US Open for instilling Stubbs on media duties with the 36-year-old.

Stubbs received a barrage of abuse and vile words, with some fans depicting her as a snake GIF associating her with treachery. One diehard Djokovic fan named PavvyG ripped into Stubbs for masking her distaste of Djokovic during the interview, saying, 'she deeply dislikes him'.

The same account suggests that the tournament should hand the job to other 'experienced' and 'talented' presenters who have a good rapport with players and don't have a history of 'vilifying' the Serbian star. Stubbs certainly added fuel to the fire when she quizzed Djokovic about being uneasy while talking to his team, to which Djokovic said:

"They keep me sharp, I keep them sharp (laughing). Look, I demand the most focus from my team, they do the same for me. So obviously in the heat of the moment, a lot of fun words come about. But yeah, coaching is allowed this year to some extent."

"So obviously when am on their side I try to communicate with them which is not always the most efficient and easiest way but it helps. It helps when I lose the rhythm on the serve or whatever it is, I look at them I get some advice some guidance. And I get it, I must say."


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