Ambitious Raducanu 'Sets New Goals' After Achieving Her Previous Two

Ambitious Raducanu 'Sets New Goals' After Achieving Her Previous Two

Emma Raducanu visited the Porsche Store in London as the brand's ambassador and talked about her goals for the upcoming tennis season and her partnership with the car brand.

Raducanu has been out of tennis for much of this year after undergoing triple surgery earlier this year but she's slowly getting ready to come back. After pulling out of the US Open, it became increasingly clear that Raducanu would miss the rest of 2023 despite some suggestions earlier this year that she might return by the end of the year.

The Australian Open will likely be the first big event she will play, and she's ramping up preparation for that. She wants to achieve her goals next year, and she shared some of them during a recent interview at the Porsche Store in London. She's been the Porsche Ambassador for a while now, loving the partnership that they built in the previous year.

I think this partnership is incredible and I’m really excited to see what sort of exciting things we can do going forwards.

Raducanu on the Porsche partnership

When it comes to her tennis goals, she has already achieved some by winning a Grand Slam two years ago in New York and playing at her home slam - Wimbledon. She has more of them but, for now, will focus on remaining healthy and playing consistently, which in turn will allow her to pursue those goals.

The dreams that kept me going in the past were to win Grand Slams and to play at Wimbledon. Now, to have achieved that, I’m setting myself new goals. It’s about continuous improvement and trying to learn new things. Personally, I’m very focused on the improvements I can make in my tennis, and that motivates me a lot.

Raducanu on her tennis goals


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