Zverev & Dimitrov Among Players Voted In New ATP Players Advisory Council

Zverev & Dimitrov Among Players Voted In New ATP Players Advisory Council

by Zachary Wimer

The ATP Players Advisory Council for 2024 has been formed, and Alexander Zverev finding himself there certainly surprised some.

Zverev is not the only prominent ATP name that was named as part of the 2024 ATP Players Advisory Council. Grigor Dimitrov has been a true professional on and off the court for much of his career, rarely featuring in any kind of controversy.

He's an experienced player who has been part of the ATP Tour for over a decade and being as popular as he is among peers allowed him to be voted in rather comfortably. His inclusion was warmly welcomed but that's not the case for Alexander Zverev.

His name is a bit more controversial because the German has been more controversial than Dimitrov. The biggest one is the domestic abuse case, which he was cleared of by the ATP's internal investigation.

Many people denounced that investigation despite it being done by a third party. There was substantial evidence supporting the allegations against Zerev, but he always maintained his innocence. As players on the Council should be role models, including Zverev rubbed many people the wrong way.

The full list of the new council includes Mackenzie McDonald, Alexander Zverev, Dusan Lajovic, Miguel Angel Reyes-Varela, Matthew Ebden, Grigor Dimitrov, Pedro Martinez, and Wesley Koolhof. All of them will serve a 2-year term starting this year and ending in 2025.

ATP Chief Andrea Gaudenzi, whose handling of the Zverev controversies was heavily criticized, added some words.

"I would like to extend a warm welcome to the new players on the Player Advisory Council. The Council plays a critical role in shaping and improving life on Tour for the players, and we look forward to building on some of the strong results we’ve achieved in recent years."

"I would also like to thank the players who participated on the Council over the past 12 months. We greatly appreciate the time that players invest to elevate and strengthen our Tour.’"

2024 ATP Player Advisory Council:

1-50 S Grigor Dimitrov Europe
1-50 S Alexander Zverev Europe
1-50 S Mackenzie McDonald North America
51-100 S Pedro Martinez Europe
51-100 S Dusan Lajovic Europe
1-25 D Wesley Koolhof Europe
1-75 D Miguel Angel Reyes-Varela North America
At-Large Pedro Cachin South America
At-Large Matthew Ebden International
Coach Federico Ricci /
Alumni Nicolas Pereira /


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