Tsitsipas Opens Up About Benefits Of Dating Fellow Tennis Pro Badosa

Tsitsipas Opens Up About Benefits Of Dating Fellow Tennis Pro Badosa

by Zachary Wimer

Stefanos Tsitsipas is dating fellow tennis pro Paula Badosa once again, and he opened up about the benefits of doing so after they recently had a minor break.

Not too long ago, Tsitsipas and Badosa announced their split, and the tennis world was shocked. The most famous tennis couple went to history, and it came out of nowhere, particularly as it seemed like they really enjoyed each other's company.

Not long after that, they got back together and seemed happier than ever. That was an unexpected sequence of events, but nothing we haven't seen before from any other couples.

The Greek player opened up about dating Badosa after his win over Daniel Altmaier at the 2024 Roland Garros, naming how it benefits his life.

"I feel if there are things I don’t quite get as much or feel like I’m as well in touch with regarding my job, I can always reach out to my partner who has spent the same amount of time that I have spent on the court trying to figure out the game, which is a small benefit to my life. We both share the same passion and we both do the same thing in life."

Having a partner who is also a tennis player is certainly quite beneficial for Tsitsipas because they can understand each other better than anyone. As he explained, they can even talk about tennis, which is an added bonus.

"So to have a person by your side that you love and can comfortably and mutually and reciprocally talk about tennis in our case, I think it’s a breath of fresh air to have a person like that that you can trust. I think in my case that person knows a lot about tennis and analyzes the game pretty well."

Obviously, not everything is about tennis, as they find a lot to do outside of the tennis court as well. According to Tsitsipas, it's just a great relationship, which is great to hear.

"Outside of it, we still have times where we completely disconnect from tennis and we focus on our other hobbies that we find interest in. It’s a great relationship, because we can combine from both worlds and we can understand each other’s lives so much better than any other type of relationship because we know the struggles of it."

"We know our routines or maybe some of…our own rhythms obviously before and after a match. Superstitions, let’s call it. A superstition, yeah. Our superstitions we get better than any other couple relationship, because tennis comes with it. It’s natural."


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