'Right Person But Maybe Wrong Moment': Badosa Opens Up About Split With Tsitsipas

'Right Person But Maybe Wrong Moment': Badosa Opens Up About Split With Tsitsipas

by Zachary Wimer

Paula Badosa opened up about the split with Stefanos Tsitsipas, as tennis' famous couple, Tsitsidosa, split recently.

There is one thing that tennis may be missing for fans of relationships: tennis couples. That's why many were sad to see Tsitsidosa go into the history books. About a year ago, we heard rumblings about a potential new tennis couple, and weeks later, it was confirmed to be true.

Tsitsipas and Badosa were dating. The Mediterranean romance flourished in the following months, but it slowed down recently. We heard less about them, and they weren't spotted as frequently as before.

Then the news dropped—the news of the split. Tsitsidosa was no more, and it's a shame because for a good amount of time, they looked very happy together. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be, according to Badosa, who spoke about the relationship and the split after her first-round win at the 2024 Italian Open in Rome.

"Emotionally, it hasn’t been easy these past days, but I’m a strong person, so I’m trying to deal with everything as much as I can. I’m quite proud of myself, with how I’m doing. When we were great, the relationship was great."

Badosa talks her relationship with Tsitsipas

"Other times, we have our own careers, our own things, and sometimes it’s better to separate ways. This reminds me a lot of the story of Maria [Sharapova] and Grigor [Dimitrov], where you meet the right person but maybe in the wrong moment. It’s a little bit like this."

For now, it's all about tennis for both of them. Badosa will try to put together some good weeks in the coming months, especially in light of her frequent injuries.

Tsitsipas will try to do the same, following up on good results from Monte Carlo and Barcelona. Maybe they will find each other at the right time sometime in the future.


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