Tiafoe Parts Ways With Wayne Ferreira And Hires Gauff's Former Coach

Tiafoe Parts Ways With Wayne Ferreira And Hires Gauff's Former Coach

by Zachary Wimer

Frances Tiafoe made some surprising moves in his team as he parted ways with coach Wayne Ferreira, opting for Coco Gauff's former coach.

Frances Tiafoe has been touted as a very talented player for years, but the American only recently started to really perform the way many thought he could. It was last year when Tiafoe made a breakout with a few strong performances, most notably at the US Open, where he narrowly missed out on the US Open final.

This year, Tiafoe continued playing well and was actually consistent for a chance, which saw him become a Top 10 player at one point. It seemed impossible just a few years ago because he rarely found his best tennis.

Much of what went right with Tiafoe recently has been attributed to his work ethic but also his partnership with former player Wayne Ferreira. They were a really great team, and the American was actually looking like a real threat under the South African.

Well, after three years together, the duo decided to part their ways. Tiafoe announced it on social media by paying tribute to his former coach and reflecting on the past three years they worked together.

Just wanted to say thanks to this guy. Three years shared together.. SHEESH we had a ton of success. But sadly we’ve decided to part ways. Thanks for getting me to the player I am today. Nothing but love and respect for you. My guy Wayne Ferreira.

Tiafoe thanks Ferreira

The new coach of Tiafoe is Diego Moyano who is a very familiar name in the tennis circles. He's a former player himself who most recently worked with Coco Gauff until April of this year.

He's also previously coached Kevin Anderson and worked with US Tennis and many American players during that time. One of them is Tiafoe, so they know each other from before.


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