Alcaraz 'Destined' To Win All Grand Slams And ATP Finals According To Former World No. 2

Alcaraz 'Destined' To Win All Grand Slams And ATP Finals According To Former World No. 2

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz is an excellent tennis player on all surfaces, which makes his compatriot and former ATP player Alex Corretja believe he's going to win everything you can win in tennis.

Alcaraz has already proven exceptional on all surfaces, winning trophies on all surfaces. His maiden Grand Slam trophy came on a pretty fast hard court, which serves his aggressive style of play.

He also added the Wimbledon title earlier this year, which was particularly impressive as he beat Novak Djokovic on the surface.

The Serbian is arguably one of the best players ever on the surface and hadn't lost on the main court of Wimbledon for a decade before that loss. He's also won multiple trophies on clay and performed reasonably well indoors.

That basically tells you that he's already great on all surfaces, and eventually, he's going to win all you can win in tennis. That's according to Alex Corretja, who predicts him to win all four majors at least once and the ATP Finals as well.

I've said it a long time ago, I think Alcaraz is going to win all the Grand Slams on all surfaces, even the Masters. I think he is going to be a player who is going to win all the titles practically possible and it is because of the way he plays, his ambition, and his character. I think his tennis is very high. So it seems to me that Alcaraz is destined to be one of the special ones.

Corretja on Alcaraz

It's not the boldest prediction you can make because this one likely comes true and quite possibly within the next few years. A bold prediction would be to say that he'll win the Calendar Slam one day and even that is not that hard to imagine.

He's just that good and he's only going to become better the more he plays. Perhaps even the ultimate tennis player.


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