Tennis World Divided On Rublev's Shocking Disqualification In Dubai

Tennis World Divided On Rublev's Shocking Disqualification In Dubai

by Nurein Ahmed

Andrey Rublev was disqualified from this year's Dubai Championships semifinal, and the incident has caused a stir on social media judging by the reactions of pundits, players, and fans.

Rublev's controversial default arose after shouting at the line umpire's face. The Russian was contesting that Alexander Bublik's shot was long and could not control himself. Incidentally, it was another line judge who picked up what Rublev said and informed the chair umpire.

Shortly after consultation with the tournament supervisor, Rublev was disqualified for verbal abuse. He was deemed to have spoken some obscene words in his native Russian. The outcome meant that Bublik, who led 6-5 in the third set, progressed into his second final of the season.

For his part, Rublev will lose the entire prize money that he was expected to receive from the tournament and will forfeit ranking points. He is also set to exit the world's Top 5 in a case of double whammy.

While Rublev has seen a lot of support coming directly from fellow pros who felt that the decision was harsh and somehwat controverisal, his behaviour has also been called out in equal measure.

Tennis commentator Rob Koenig stated that it is high time Hawkeye replaced line judges but believes Rublev's behavior is unwarranted.

"The sad thing about the Rublev incident was 1) The ball was IN…🤦🏼2) He would have mostly likely only got a warning had he vented from the baseline (you can’t get in an official’s face like that). He has apologised and owned what he did and said. Hawkeye Live 2025! All events."

Commentator Rob Koenig wrote on X (formerly Twitter)

In another post, journalist Ben Rothenberg opined that the rulebook was rightly enforced in this case and that Rublev stepped out of line regardless of whether the call was right or wrong.

"In no workplace should screaming at someone like Andrey Rublev did today be tolerated, and I’m glad the rules were enforced."

Ben Rothenberg also commented on the incident on X

"The ball was in, Rublev was incorrect. But it doesn't matter whether he was right or wrong about the call, it matters what his reaction was to it."

Tennis journalist Vansh is "hoping" Rublev will learn from this shocking incident, having tested the waters already with a series of on-court outbursts in the past year.

"You know what. It happened in Shanghai Masters in the final against Hurkacz where he shouted at a cameraperson. It happened at UTS in December where he got right in the umpire’s face, which was pretty bad. Can’t abuse officials like that. Hoping Rublev learns a lot from this."

One fan, however, believes the decision was based on an accusation that Rublev used profanity language, something that Daria Kasatkina totally could not comprehend, and even called for the introduction of VAR in tennis.

"It’d be one thing if Rublev were defaulted for shouting in the guy’s face, which is wildly inappropriate. What’s unjust about this is that the ruling is made based on an accusation that Rublev used profanity, but no effort was made to confirm that he did. Ridiculous."


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