Fellow Players Come To Rublev's Defense After Disqualification Following Angry Outburst

Fellow Players Come To Rublev's Defense After Disqualification Following Angry Outburst

by Zachary Wimer

Andrey Rublev was disqualified from his 2024 Dubai Championships semi-final, and fellow players came to his defense.

The Russian was playing a very competitve battle against Alexander Bublik and he was very frustrated. He wasted a couple of really good chances to finish off the match and instead found himself unable to beat Bublik, who was playing some seriously impressive tennis.

After dropping a game where he felt the line umpire didn't call an obvious out, Rublev exploded toward him with a barrage of words and shouting. That in itself isn't that unusual but he actually walked to the umpire and screamed in his face which isn't usual.

It was too much, and after the chair umpire was informed of what was said, Rublev was defaulted from the match. Since then, a few of his colleagues have supported him, notably fellow Russian Daria Kasatkina and ATP player Alejandro Davidovich Fokina.

Both Davidovich Fokina and Kasatkina didn't like the swift default, especially with its implications. Rublev will lose all his prize money earned this week as well as the points which in his case will actually ensure that he drops out of the Top 5.

Kasatkina doesn't think it was the right call without checking the video replay.

"So you can just default a player, take his points and money away, without even checking a video replay??? What a joke."

Daria Kasatkina on X (formerly Twitter)

Davidovich Fokina was a bit harsher in his words but argued the same thing. He too wants to see something like video assistant referee (VAR) in tennis because to him, the decision was unfair.

"Very unfair that they disqualify Rublev without first ensuring that what the line judge understood is correct. That rule should be reviewed and changed. Shameful. We need VAR in tennis."

The Russian's opponent, Alexander Bublik also got his back, as he defended him during the post-match press conference.

"I highly doubt Andrey said something crazy. He's not this kind of guy. But I guess that's the rules. That's what they did, they just follow up the procedure. It's a pity it's ended like this. I wish Andrey to get back on track as soon as possible."


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