Rublev Set To Leave Top 5 After Losing All Of His Dubai Points Following Disqualification

Rublev Set To Leave Top 5 After Losing All Of His Dubai Points Following Disqualification

by Zachary Wimer

Andrey Rublev got disqualified from the 2024 Dubai Championships semi-final showdown against Alexander Bublik, and he'll leave the Top 5 because of that.

Former champion and last year's finalist of the Dubai Championships, Andrey Rublev, is out of the event. He's not out because he lost but because he got deafulted from the match after a shocking oubturst towards one of the line umpires.

Getting defaulted from a match is a really bad look for any tennis players but more pertinently for Rublev it will have some direct consequences. After getting deafulted from an event, player lose all the points they earned that week as well as all the earned prize money.

Losing the money is obviously annoying for the Russian, but it's not a huge issue, as $157,755 doesn't really compare to the $22,171,876 that he's earned in his tennis career so far.

What is the more painful consequence is the ranking points lost, as he'll actually leave the Top 5 of the ATP Rankings because of it. The only way Rublev wouldn't have lost any points after this week was if he made the final.

He would remain at the same number of points, which would ensure that he remains in the Top 5. If he lost his semi-final match, he would have lost 100 points compared to last year, but that would still have been enough to remain in the Top 5, as his closest competitor Alexander Zverev lost early in Acapulco.

By getting deafulted, Rublev won't even retain the 200 points he won by making the semi-final which means that in total he'll lose all 300 points from making last year's final.

That takes his total from 5110 to 4810, less than Zverev will have on Monday. The German will have 4950, which ensures that he will make a return to the Top 5.


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