'Tell To My Kids And Grandkids': Ruud Proud About Djokovic Win In Monte Carlo

'Tell To My Kids And Grandkids': Ruud Proud About Djokovic Win In Monte Carlo

by Zachary Wimer

After failing to do so in the previous five matches, Casper Ruud finally beat Novak Djokovic, and he hopes to tell his grandkids all about it.

The Serbian is one of the best tennis players ever, quite possibly the greatest ever, and beating him is not easy. Just ask Gael Monfils, who failed to do so in 19 matches. He's beaten Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal but couldn't crack Djokovic.

Ruud knew the feeling as he was 0-5 against Djokovic in his career, but that changed on Saturday, April 13th. It was the day that Ruud finally overcame Djokovic, beating him at the Monte-Carlo Masters, and it's something he'll cherish forever. Speaking after the match, he admitted it was a fantastic feeling.

"It's fantastic. You know, it's, in my eyes, one of the all-time players to try to beat. Today I was able to do it. Something I can remember for the rest of my life and tell hopefully my kids in the future and my grandkids when I'm getting old that, you know, I beat Novak one time at least. Yeah, it's a fantastic feeling."

He earned it, as Djokovic admitted that Ruud deserved the win as he played better. After getting his first win over the 24-time Grand Slam champion, he hopes to play him many more times, even though success against a player of Djokovic's caliber is never guaranteed.

"Obviously I hope I can play more times before -- you know, no one knows how long he plans to play for, but obviously he's getting older, but he's still physically in good shape and playing fantastic tennis."

"But it's always fun to play against him, because, you know, it's one of the toughest challenges in our sport. I'm very super proud and happy to overcome it today."


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