Tsitsipas Takes Sly Dig At Medvedev After Monte-Carlo Controversies

Tsitsipas Takes Sly Dig At Medvedev After Monte-Carlo Controversies

by Zachary Wimer

Stefanos Tsitsipas poked fun at Daniil Medvedev by commenting on the inclusion of an electronic line calling on clay.

From next year, there will be an electronic line calling on every type of tennis court, including clay courts, at every ATP event. That's not the case this year, but it should be, because there have been a few instances where some players were quite obviously robbed off a point.

Just on Saturday at the 2024 Monte-Carlo Masters, Jannik Sinner was hurt badly by a missed call from the umpires. Earlier in the week, Daniil Medvedev saw it happen to him two times in two matches, which left him throwing a temper tantrum in the second one.

Tsitsipas actually indirectly mentioned Medvedev's tantrum when he was asked about the adoption of electronic line calling. He generally agrees that it's a good thing and will make things fairer and matches clearer, preventing some of the tantrums that we saw earlier this week.

"In clay including? Sure, yes, less drama, for sure. It will help the game be cleaner and avoid any mistakes and tantrums such as the ones earlier this week on center court that we saw."

"Yeah, tennis deserves drama, but I think it should all be done on the tennis court with performance instead of cursing and swearing and yelling. This is not a beautiful side of the sport."

Probably only the Greek player himself knows whether it was an intentional dig at Medvedev, as they have clashed in the past, so they're not really what we would consider friends.

Medvedev said recently that they are friendly with each other despite the previous dust-ups. All in all, the electronic line calling is much needed because we've seen far too many mistakes just this week, and the clay session has only begun.


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