Alcaraz's Repeated Injury Struggles 'Disconcerting' According To Federer's Ex-Coach

Alcaraz's Repeated Injury Struggles 'Disconcerting' According To Federer's Ex-Coach

by Zachary Wimer

Paul Annacone, Roger Federer's former coach, is worried about Carlos Alcaraz's constant injury struggles.

If you asked Alcaraz how many times he's been injured, he'd probably say a pretty low number. The actual number is far higher because the Spaniard often dismissed injury concerns when it was pretty clear that he was dealing with something.

He could be showing some youthful naivete when talking about injuries, but more experienced people from the world of tennis have expressed worries about it.

He's only 20, and yet he's dealing with minor injuries every few weeks, which likely won't get better when he reaches 30. Trends like this rarely end well, and unfortunately, we have many examples like this.

Just recently, Alcaraz pulled out of the Monte-Carlo Masters, because of an injury that wasn't supposed to be really serious. He then pulled out of the Barcelona Open, even though he said that the tests were positive.

Still, for noted coach Paul Annacone, it's worrying. He talked about it on the Tennis Channel and provided some crucial reminders.

"Yeah, it’s starting to get a little disconcerting. There’s plenty of time leading into the French Open. But just, whenever you see young players that start to get injured a lot, it just makes me worried a little bit. And obviously this kid’s a tremendous athlete and let’s just hope that this injury gets out of him very quickly. But look, two tournaments — that’s a significant loss."

Annacone on Alcaraz dealing with injuries

So far, his injury struggles haven't derailed his career too much. He always finds a way to come back and win, as he proved at this year's Indian Wells Open. However, he's also missed quite a few significant events because of them.

He has won the Barcelona Open twice so far, so missing that definitely hurts, on top of just delaying his preparation for Roland Garros.


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