Gauff Showcases Custom-Made Rolex To Commemorate US Open Triumph

Gauff Showcases Custom-Made Rolex To Commemorate US Open Triumph

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff visited the Rolex headquarters in Geneva with her father and received a custom-made Rolex watch to commemorate her US Open win from last year.

The biggest moment of Gauff's career happened last year when she won her maiden Grand Slam at the 2023 US Open. It was a hugely important moment for her in many ways, and the most important one was just winning a Grand Slam.

It's what every tennis player dreams of when growing up, and that was the same for the young American. Winning her maiden major was also a huge achievement because ever since she became a tennis player, Gauff was touted as this 'next big thing,' and during the period when she couldn't win it, the pressure only rose

In the end, it's just something that she's glad happened, and now she wants to do it again and then one more time. One of her sponsors is the watchmaker Rolex, which did something special to honor Gauff's US Open triumph.

They made a custom watch for her with a special engraving that says 'US Open champion' on top of just making the watch very fancy. They also invited her to Geneva, where she went with her father to look around the company's headquarters and observe some of the intricacies of watchmaking.

She posted a few pictures from that day on her Instagram and showcased the watch on her arm as well. Gauff thanked the company with an Instagram caption, which she also expressed gratitude for being part of the Rolex family, a company that is one of her main sponsors.

"Thank you Rolex for having me! I had an amazing time visiting Switzerland for the first time and learning about the impressive watchmaking process. As always, I am happy to be apart of the family."

Gauff on Instagram


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