Taylor Fritz vs Jack Draper: 2024 Munich Open - Preview & Prediction

Taylor Fritz vs Jack Draper: 2024 Munich Open - Preview & Prediction

by Zachary Wimer

Taylor Fritz hasn't played all that well lately, but the American is keen on fixing things at the 2024 Munich Open, even though Jack Draper stands in his way.

It's been a very odd year so far for the American, who hasn't been terrible, but he hasn't been particularly great either. His first clay experience in Monte Carlo didn't go so well, but he already looked better at the ATP 250 event in Munich.

The win over Alejandro Moro Canas was pretty good, but his upcoming match against Draper is far more complicated. The Brit has had similar struggles to Fritz recently, as he's also been quite inconsistent.

He's looked good so far in Munich, but now comes the biggest challenge, so let's see how both of them might approach this really interesting matchup.


Fritz and Draper have played only once so far, but it happened on grass, and it's not very useful to predict this one. The Brit did win that match on grass, and it was a good one, but clay plays very differently, and Fritz is a bit of a better fit.

The courts in Munich should fit both in terms of style of play, but when a rally develops, I prefer Fritz because I think he's a bit more consistent during a rally. The serve will be a huge factor as well because the player who serves better will likely be closer to winning, albeit it will mostly come down to rallies.

Taylor Fritz Jack Draper
0 H2H 1
15 Rank 46
26 Age 22
13-6 2024 W/L 11-7
244-173 Career W/L 51-36


I liked what I saw from Fritz in his first match in Munich, which I can't really say about Draper. Both won, but Fritz looked a bit more impressive, so I will back him to win this match, albeit it could be close and go the distance.

Prediction: Taylor Fritz to win in three sets.


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