Sinner Explains Why He Didn't Celebrate After Beating Djokovic At Australian Open

Sinner Explains Why He Didn't Celebrate After Beating Djokovic At Australian Open

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner made it to his maiden Grand Slam final by beating Novak Djokovic at the 2024 Australian Open and he celebrated quite stoically.

Making a major final is great, of course, but it's not winning the trophy. As the late great Kobe Bryant said, 'job's not finished', and that's precisely how Sinner looks at things.

He made the final, it's a great achievemnt, but he didn't come to Melbourne to make the final. He came to win the event, and he's one match away. If he wins, the celebration will probably be quite emotional, but beating Djokovic at the Australian Open wasn't this huge release for the Italian.

It wasn't the first time he beat Djokovic, either, so overall, there wasn't a real reason to heavily celebrate. Mostly, it comes down to the semi-final not being the final match. He ensured himself a trophy, but he's aiming for the bigger one of the two.

"I don't know. I feel these kind of emotions you cannot control. If someone celebrates in one way, you celebrate because this is the emotion what you are feeling now, no? Obviously it means so much to me to beat Novak here in Melbourne, but in the other way, I know that the tournament is not over."

The final will obviously be a very different experience with different emotions as well. The Italian is looking forward to it, and if he wins, then we'll probably get some pretty big emotional release from Sinner.

"Sunday is a final. It's different emotions, because the final is always different. Doesn't really matter how big the tournament is, so it's -- you know, in my mind today I knew it was semifinal."

"It's not that you win the tournament like this (smiling). So I'm looking forward for Sunday, and let's see what's coming."


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