Djokovic 'Proud Of What He Achieved' At Australian Open After Streak Comes To End

Djokovic 'Proud Of What He Achieved' At Australian Open After Streak Comes To End

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic was not in a great mood after his loss to Jannik Sinner at the 2024 Australian Open, but he was still proud of everything he achieved in Melbourne.

Djokovic arrived in Melbourne as the favorite to win the event because he's done it ten times before. Nobody ever dominated at the Australian Open as much as Djokovic, so many penciled him as the favorite.

It didn't quite look that way early on against Sinner, and the Italian ended up beating him in four sets. It was a hugely disappointing result for Djokovic, who wasn't in a great mood after the match, obviously.

However, he still tried to find positives in his performances, noting that he's proud of what he achieved during his career in Melbourne.

"Well, I'm kind of hot-headed right now. After the match it's very difficult to reflect on things in a more profound way. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in a few days' time, but I definitely have a lot to be very proud of what I have achieved here. The streak was going to end one day."

It's been a very long streak, arguably one of the most impressive streaks we've seen in tennis, as he lost his first match in Melbourne since 2018.

And it would end one day just like his Wimbledon streak ended last year at the hands of Carlos Alcaraz. He's not happy with how he played because he didn't play well, but he's okay with how things unfolded.

"It was going to happen, and at least I gave everything I possibly can under circumstances where I didn't play well, and I lost to a player that has a very good chance to win his first slam. That's all it is."

"But this has been a very special city, best, by far, Grand Slam of my career. I just hope that I'll get a chance to come back to play at least another time and go through the emotions once more."


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