Gauff Failing To Win More Majors Would Be Surprising To Legend McEnroe

Gauff Failing To Win More Majors Would Be Surprising To Legend McEnroe

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff is at one Grand Slam trophy, but failing to win a few more would be shocking to former player John McEnroe.

The former legendary player has been a longtime champion of Gauff's potential. He felt very vindicated by the American lifting her maiden Grand Slam trophy at last year's US Open, but he was hardly the only one.

It took her a while to get there, but it was never in doubt. It was mostly a matter of time before things worked out in her favor. Her recent loss to Aryna Sabalenka in Melbourne means she'll remain on one for a while, but that doesn't discourage McEnroe.

He's pretty certain that she'll win a few more, and if she doesn't, it would be pretty shocking for him. Talking about it recently, McEnroe said that the 19-year-old should certainly win more.

"You know, I look at Coco a little bit like Alcaraz against some of the bigger hitters. It’s similar with her. She’s not as big as the other players and but she’s extremely athletic, the way Alcaraz is. I expect her to win more majors."

"She will definitely win more majors. She seems to be in a good place. Mentally, she added some pieces to her team, such as Brad Gilbert, and is working with Andy Roddick and you can see the improvements on her serve."

Nothing McEnroe said or believed is particularly shocking; it's rather normal. Gauff's talent and age basically ensure her at least a few more chances to win a Grand Slam.

Whether she actually does remains to be seen because talent is one thing, and winning is another. Her coach knows a thing or two about that, so he's a good player to get her there.

"Brad has a history with some of the other top players, so he knows you know what it takes, and it seems to have helped her. Obviously she won the US Open already so I expect big things from her. She’s still young. But over the course of the next 10 years, I’d be surprised if she didn’t win a bunch of more majors."


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