Shapovalov Reveals Why He Didn't Retire At Wimbledon Despite Playing With Injury

Shapovalov Reveals Why He Didn't Retire At Wimbledon Despite Playing With Injury

by Kadir Macar

Denis Shapovalov was playing with an injury at Wimbledon though he didn't retire from the match as he generally doesn't.

Denis Shapovalov has been having a very poor season so far and while his Wimbledon run looked a bit better it still ended in a crash landing. He was facing Roman Safiullin, a solid player who has a good serve and can make the life of his opponent miserable on this type of court but the Canadian was a semi-finalist here a couple of years ago.

He can play well on grass and it's actually expected of him. He did start well, winning the opening set, but then fell apart as the match went on. His body didn't really listen to him as she's still been dealing with some problems. He revealed an injury that left him feeling sore and tired for much of the match.

Yeah, I mean, I felt sore the whole time. But actually, yeah, I was getting more tired in the glutes and around the knee, the quads and everything, from the beginning of the match.

It was getting worse and worse. I think as soon as like, yeah, as soon as other parts get tired, just have more and more impact on the knee.

Feeling sore in muscles and tired as the match went on certainly explains the way the match progressed. He did look his best at the start and progressively worse after that. Asked whether he thought about retiring, Shapovalov responded that he didn't. He only retires when he can't play anymore.

No, I never stop if I start a match. I don't stop unless I can't walk or I can't -- yeah. If something really happens, then I'll stop. But yeah, I was taught if I, you know, step out onto the court, I finish the match.


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