Rune Has 'A Lot Of Things To Develop' According To Re-Hired Coach Mouratoglou

Rune Has 'A Lot Of Things To Develop' According To Re-Hired Coach Mouratoglou

by Zachary Wimer

Holger Rune's current coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, believes that the young Dane has a lot to develop in his game.

Rune is one of the best players in the world, and even at such a high level, the Danish superstar is still quite raw. There are a lot of great things about his tennis, but he also has the potential to be even better, which is what his coach, Mouratoglou, often highlights.

He has experience working with him as this is technically their third stint together, which came out of nowhere. It seemed like their second split would be the last one, but they're back together.

In a talk with Tennis Majors, Mouratoglou reflected upon the overall relationship with Rune, noting that he was always going to remain in touch as he's a former academy player.

"He’s been at the academy since he’s 13 and he’s still an Academy player, he’s working with us. So I was not directly working with him. He was working first with Boris [Becker] and then Severin Luthi came in. But as a player from my academy, and we have this relationship, we stayed in touch. We were talking, of course I was watching all these matches."

Another reason why they came back together is because both felt that they didn't really achieve everything they could together. This attempt is going to try and finally fully develop Rune's tremendous potential.

"I didn’t want to step on the feet of any coach, so I was not giving any advice. But throughout this period, he kept telling me that he was sad that it was over and that he felt I was the right coach for him. So I felt something was not achieved completely."

"He’s super ambitious. That’s great for us as coaches – to have players who want to do the best they can all the time. Two times we split, but he called me back and I’m happy to come back because I believe in him a lot and I like him."

Mouratoglou has experience with many of the best, including the 23-time Grand Slam champion, Serena Williams. The French coach shared that even the American always wanted to improve, so surely Rune has a lot of space for improvement as well.

"There are a lot of things to develop. But I cannot say everything. Even for the top players, they still always have margins for improvement. I know it sounds weird. But Serena wanted to improve all the time, all the time."


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