'I'm A Little Bit Afraid': Alcaraz Reacts To Bee Invastion That Stopped His Match

'I'm A Little Bit Afraid': Alcaraz Reacts To Bee Invastion That Stopped His Match

by Zachary Wimer

After surviving a bee invasion during his match at the 2024 Indian Wells Open, Carlos Alcaraz admitted he's a bit scared of them.

The Spaniard's quarter-final match against Alexander Zverev in Indian Wells was a rather strange one. The Spaniard outplayed the German in two sets, but the match was stopped at one point for a long time as the court was invaded by a swarm of bees.

They gathered around one of the cameras over the court, which required professional assistance. It took a while to get a beekeeper in to remove them, so the match was halted for a long time.

After resumption, Alcaraz seemed in a hurry and quickly finished it off with some spectacular tennis. It was a very strange situation because nobody ever really saw anything like that. For Alcaraz, it's definitely something he'll remember for the rest of his life.

"For sure the most unusual match I have ever played in my career. I've never experienced something like that. I've never seen something like that. So I think I will remember that match because of that. I think everybody will remember this situation, and we found it as a funny thing. That's for sure."

Alcaraz on the match

The cameras spotted a pretty panicked Spaniard as the invasion was taking place. He quickly ran away from the court in panic, which he talked about after the match as well. He admitted that he is a bit afraid of bees, as he apparently got stung by one as well.

"I tried to stay away from them, but it was impossible. As I said, stuck in my hair, so I was running out. I'm a little bit afraid of them (smiling)."

Everything went well in the end but fans and players will hope that no invasions happen when Alcaraz faces Jannik Sinner in a match for the final at the tournament.


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