'Can't Compare This With Big Three': Sinner Downplays His Winning Streak

'Can't Compare This With Big Three': Sinner Downplays His Winning Streak

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner dismissed comparisons with the Big Three when he was asked about Novak Djokovic's 43-match win streak.

Back in 2011, Djokovic had a tremendous campaign. He would finish that year with a 74-6 record overall, arguably one of the best records in tennis history.

His start to the year certainly was one of the best in history, as he was undefeated until the Roland Garros semi-final. He won 43 matches in a row until that point, completely outplaying all of the opposition on the ATP Tour.

Sinner has an unbeaten win streak of his own in 2024, but he's not even at 20 matches yet. He's at 19, including last year's matches, but only at 16 in matches that were played in 2024.

It's a long way to 43, and that's why he completely dismissed comparisons with the Big Three. He doesn't even remember Djokovic's win streak because he didn't follow tennis very much in 2011. He was more focused on other sports, like skiing and football.

"No, I was 10 years old (laughter). I was not following tennis, to be honest, because I was skiing much more, I was playing football, so I was not following tennis."

As he's fully immersed in tennis right now, Sinner is obviously aware of the streak, but he doesn't see anything remotely similar between that streak and his own. According to the Italian, the Big Three level is something completely different.

He'll want to extend his streak even further against Carlos Alcaraz in the semi-final of the tournament, writting his own story.

"I know the stats now, but you cannot compare this with the best, with the Big 3 or Big 4. They are a different level what they have showed in the years. I just, you know, make my story for myself. Yeah, that's it."


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