Match Suspended Due To Bee Invasion: Alcaraz & Zverev Facing Most Bizarre Situation Ever

Match Suspended Due To Bee Invasion: Alcaraz & Zverev Facing Most Bizarre Situation Ever

by Erik Virostko

Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev will have a story to tell as their match at the 2024 Indian Wells Open was suspended due to a bee invasion.

Sometimes things on the tennis court don't go as planned, not only when it comes to executing the game plan. Often, matches are suspended due to various reasons, most often the weather.

Rain delays are not uncommon in tennis, but over the years, we've seen suspensions also because of darkness, wind, and many other natural factors, including animals.

For example, earlier this year on the ATP Tour, Dominic Thiem's match in Brisbane was suspended because of a deadly snake that appeared near the tennis court.

Neither of the players seemed to be too scared back then, as the situation was handled by the professionals, however, a much more bizarre situation happened at the 2024 Indian Wells Open.

Alcaraz and Zverev were facing off in one of the most anticipated quarter-final matches at the event, as it was a rematch of their Austarlian Open meeting.

The match started well for the Spaniard on serve, as he held to 15, and after that, his opponent had to fight for his serve through deuce, but after a few minutes of play, the scoreboard showed 1-1.

As Alcaraz readied to serve in the third game after winning the opening point and leading 15-0, he suddenly started looking around as he noticed some bees disturbing him from his preparations.

Only a few seconds later, the number of bees significantly grew, as Alcaraz ran off the court, scared about getting stung by multiple bees, which can be dangerous.

At the same time, umpire Mohamed Lahyani was trying to handle the situation, announcing the suspension of the play. Soon, for fans watching at home a message appeared on the screen announcing the most bizarre reason for suspension of a tennis match - bee invasion.


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