Alcaraz's Manager Confirms That He Was Stung On Forehead During Crazy Bee Invasion

Alcaraz's Manager Confirms That He Was Stung On Forehead During Crazy Bee Invasion

by Jordan Reynolds

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Carlos Alcaraz's manager Albert Molina has confirmed that the Spanish star was stung during the bee invasion that delayed his Indian Wells Open clash with Alexander Zverev.

Alcaraz has already dealt with more than almost all 20 year old tennis players. He is a two-time Grand Slam champion and is one of the most watched and marketable players in the sport.

That has led to more media attention increasing on him. For example,there will be a Netflix documentary about the Spaniard, which Alcaraz revealed with some previously mysterious messages.

Netflix will be able to include one of the most bizarre interruptions in tennis history in the documentary. When getting ready to serve, Alcaraz and Zverev were suddenly interrupted by a bee invasion.

It was so severe that it led to a very lengthy delay in the contest. Alcaraz ran off-court, hoping not to be stung by the countless number of bees that were swarming on Court 1 during the invasion.

Unfortunately, he was unable to avoid this fate. As reported by ESPN Tennis, Molina has stated that Alcaraz was stung by the bees on the forehead, which can be a particularly nasty place to be stung.

Alcaraz was unfortunate to be serving at the end where the bees first swarmed. This gave him less time to try and react to the situation that shocked everyone inside the Stadium.

By contrast, Zverev was luckier. The bees did not begin to come down as quickly on his side of the court. Hence, the German was able to get off the court without any damage being done to him.

There was also a moment where it seemed like the umpire Mohamed Lahyani may have been stung as he got down from his chair, although this has not been confirmed. Hopefully, no one else suffered like Alcaraz did.


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