Roger Federer Becomes New Voice Of Popular Navigation Service

Roger Federer Becomes New Voice Of Popular Navigation Service

by Zachary Wimer

Roger Federer is enjoying his time away from the tennis court and the ATP Tour as he's exploring the world off the court.

Although the Swiss Maestro has been away from tennis for quite some time, we've seen him in the news quite often over the past few weeks. Federer co-hosted the popular Met Gala before traveling to Miami for a Formula 1 race.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion was also in Lesotho as part of charity activities, but he's expected to appear also at some tournaments this year. But certainly not as a player. Federer should travel to Halle for 'Roger Federer Day', and he should be honoured also in Shanghai as an icon athlete.

Many wanted to hear the Swiss legend during the summer as fans thought that he may take on a commentary role. However, Federer said that it won't happen this year, but fans still have an opportunity to listen to his voice every day.

And it's a really unique opportunity because Federer can narrate fans' everyday journeys as he became one of the voices of the popular navigation service Waze. The Swiss Maestro can guide you in English, German, and French, and he has also some personalized phrases that he uses.

"It’s time to drive. Rain or shine. The game must continue. We are geared up and ready to roll."

"I can’t wait to hit the road with you. Let’s visualize our ideal journey together. And let’s make it happen."

"We’re going to win this team ride, my friend. We have your reflexes and your soft hands for complicated turns. And I’ll guide us from the bottom line."

"I was just thinking about tennis and driving… It’s simple, there are eight basic strokes in tennis, and six maneuvers behind the wheel. If you can do all these fundamentals properly, you are on the way to excellence."

All of those are narrated by Federer in the Waze app and he can guide fans toward their destination already today. Talking about the new collaboration, Federer compared himself to a doubles partner on the journey.

"I am delighted to be able to guide my fans by offering them an unprecedented driving experience by immersing them in the world of tennis. Driving and playing doubles requires a certain sense of timing. Like your doubles partner, I accompany you on your journeys with Waze so that you arrive at your destination by winning the match!"


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