Roger Federer Gives Verdict On Wimbledon Commentary Role

Roger Federer Gives Verdict On Wimbledon Commentary Role

Roger Federer held a Q&A session on Twitter answering several questions including whether he would be commenting on tennis this year.

Federer retired from tennis not too long ago and yet the sport misses him greatly. He promised to stay involved with the sport and when your name is pretty much synonymous with it, it's only natural. He will be in Vancouver for the 2023 Laver Cup, as an ambassador for the event which he basically came up with a few years ago.

He will also be in Shanghai later this year where he'll receive an award but he won't be at Wimbledon commentating. Some time ago there were rumors flying about Federer possibly joining the broadcasting team of BBC for Wimbledon but that won't be happening.

He was asked about that during the recent question and answer session and Federer responded that there are no plans to commentate this year. He didn't shut it down completely as he did express interest in such a role before retiring.

No plans to commentate this year.

Federer on commentary role

We might see Federer in London regardless and fans would certainly like to see that. He's been keeping busy since retiring. He was in New York for the Met Gala recently where he was one of the co-chairs of this year's edition.

He was also in Miami a bit later for the Formula One race there. He then took his family to Africa visiting Lesotho as part of his charitable actions. He'll certainly remain busy in the future, especially with no commentating gig this year but it will happen one day.

Boris Becker is not likely to return to his Wimbledon role at BBC so maybe Federer could take over his role. Those were the rumors many months ago when it first came out.


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