WATCH: Ymer Disqualified In Lyon After Destroying Umpire's Chair

WATCH: Ymer Disqualified In Lyon After Destroying Umpire's Chair

by Kadir Macar

Mikael Ymer was defaulted from his second-round match at the 2023 Lyon Open against Arthur Fils.

The match between the two talented players was their first meeting on the ATP Tour and it seemed to be a good one for the fans in France. Both players had their chances in the first set, and the Swede even had a set point in the 10th game of the first set.

But he couldn't use it as players fought for every point also in the next game. During one of those rallies, at 30-30, Fils hit a ball near the line, which was called in, and Ymer subsequently hit his shot out, giving his opponent a point and a break point.

But Ymer then went to check the mark on the clay, as the ATP will start using the live electronic line calling just from 2025, and he noticed that most probably, the ball landed out and requested umpire Rogerio Santos to come down and check the mark.

However, the umpire refused to come and check the mark, and that made Ymer really mad. He immediately started talking to the supervisor, but also approached the umpire to tell him that a similar situation happened in his match against Richard Gasquet, but then, the umpire checked the mark.

"Yesterday I had serve against Gasquet, he walked over to the other side and then he was still allowed to ask for the mark to be checked. I hit this ball and you're telling me you're not going to come down to check the mark. Show me the mark. So whenever a mark is over there, you're going to say I'm not going to go down and check it. I've never witnessed that the ref says I'm not going to go down and check the mark."

Although Ymer continued to play after the heated exchange with the umpire, he lost the game and after that, he smashed the umpire's chair in frustration, resulting in his disqualification from the match.


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