Murray Wins His First Match Since October Despite Struggling With Injury In Doha

Murray Wins His First Match Since October Despite Struggling With Injury In Doha

by Zachary Wimer

Andy Murray was winless in 2024 before coming to Doha, but he finally got his first win this year, even though he struggled with injury.

2024 has been a pretty crazy year for Andy Murray because he didn't win a single match before coming to Doha. It's generally a pretty decent event for him because he played well at the Qatar Open last year.

What's even more interesting is that Murray played against Alexandre Muller last year, his opponent in the first round of the 2024 campaign, and even beat him in the quarter-final back then.

His run actually took him to the final, where Daniil Medvedev beat him. This year, he got his first win in Doha, even though it was a match where he struggled with injury again, discussing an issue that may have been connected to his knee during one of the changeovers.

He kept playing, though, and won for the first time since October. Murray played well, really well, actually. The French player is, by nature, an aggressive player, and he really didn't do well at the start of the match.

There was a lot of misfiring from Muller as Murray did his best to keep the ball in play for a long time. The first set was a 6-1 win for Murray, which was quite impressive considering he didn't really win a single match before this one.

It was a really strong showing because it's not like Muller completely struggled. He served well which is half of his game. Murray served well as well and saved the only break point he faced.

It was just a very tip-top set from the Brit. The second set was not quite the same as Muller played better, but Murray once again played a bit better and got the break he needed.

One weaker game by Murray lost him that break advantage, and we were in for an exciting finish to the second set. It ended up in a tie-break, and ultimately, Murray was able to win it 7-5 for his first win this year.


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