Murray 'Never Experienced Period Like This' But Remains Positive About Future Success

Murray 'Never Experienced Period Like This' But Remains Positive About Future Success

by Zachary Wimer

Andy Murray is still winless in 2024, and while it's far from ideal, the Brit remains positive about potential future success.

Even before this season started, Murray's possible retirement after this season was discussed. Those calls became particularly loud after his performances this year, which have been below his past level.

He's yet to win a single match in 2024, and some of the losses were very shocking. Even so, the Brit is back in the Middle East and quite hopeful about his future.

He played some really solid tennis there last year, so he's hoping that the memory of that and the conditions will allow him to find his best tennis, as he said ahead of the 2024 Dubai Championships.

"Tennis-wise it hasn't been a great start to the year. I've never experienced a period like this as a professional. It's been difficult, a new experience for me (which) is not the nicest, but good to experience new things and try and learn from them."

Calls for Murray to retire have been pretty loud this year, with some even describing his performances as painful to watch. That's a bit far, as it can always be looked at from the other side.

His dedication to tennis, in spite of all of this, is truly inspirational. He can certainly offer more to tennis if he simply finds his old level again.

"When I do get myself out of it and start to feel better, hopefully I'll be stronger for it, but it's been hard. I've not been playing well and winning as many matches as I would like, so I'm hoping I can turn it around here."

Speaking to SkySports, Murray showed that he truly believes he can find his top level again, and fans can only have their fingers crossed and wish him luck.

"Certainly, tennis-wise I know I can play a lot better than I have been."


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