'Karma': Zverev Reignites Feud With Medvedev After Latest Comments

'Karma': Zverev Reignites Feud With Medvedev After Latest Comments

by Nurein Ahmed

Alexander Zverev commented on Daniil Medvedev's shocking loss to Thiago Seybtoh Wild at last year's French Open, calling it "karma."

Medvedev, who was in the best form of his life on clay courts last season following his unexpected maiden title on the surface in Rome, succumbed to a five-set defeat to Brazilian qualifier Seyboth Wild in the opening round.

Despite the Russian's excellent recovery, fighting back from a set down and taking the next two sets, he was deservedly outplayed and outgunned by some fine shotmaking from Wild, who utilized his forehand power to great effect.

Zverev was also playing the clay Slam in Paris, 12 months after his gruesome ankle injury that forced him to retire from a high-quality semifinal against Rafael Nadal. The German's debut appearance on Netflix's tennis documentary has already received the lion's share of detractors.

In light of his domestic abuse accusations, Zverev's screen time has been heavily criticized by tennis fans. In the second episode of the newly-released second season, Zverev shared his reaction after learning that Medvedev was knocked out of the French Open in the first round despite going into the tournament as the second seed.

"Medvedev is one of the best players in the world, so it helps not playing him at an early stage. But at the same, I do believe in karma. I do believe that if you wish bad upon someone, then the bad is going to come back to you."

Zverev and Medvedev were at loggerheads at the start of the European clay swing. After the Russian saved two match points to defeat the German in a late-night thriller in Monte Carlo, Zvere called his rival "one of the most unfair players" accusing him of poor sportsmanship.

Their post-match handshake was cold, with Zverev angered by what he perceived as a calculated toilet break by Medvedev during a changeover at 4-3 in the third set. In his presser, Medvedev responded that Zverev lived in his "own world." Both players have since buried the hatchet in that short-lived frosty relationship.


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